Announcing “Small Change”, a new 🔥 story for Halloween.

This marks my second foray into the Coming Together world, following ‘Of Gods and Men’ in the ‘Among the Stars’ anthology.

‘Small Change’ is a tale of a mysterious, young ‘were’ who meets an unlikely lover at an underground were bar. Exactly what kind of were he is will need to be seen to be believed but I’ll give you a clue – cute and cuddly.

This Amazon reviewer says it best (but don’t read the rest for the spoiler).

The prize for the most unusual shifter goes to Adrik Kemp, for “Small Change”.

This story is part of the ‘Strange Shifters’ anthology, edited by Lynn Townsend. The book collects stories of a wide variety of were-somethings and their erotic adventures. Get your very own copy from Amazon or Smashwords.