New short story in “Lightning Flash” anthology

I’m very happy to have been asked to write a story for this sure-to-be incredible anthology of work from previous winners of the OutStanding LGBTQI Short Story Competition. I received first prize in 2015 for my short story, A Jellyfish Daydream.

The story I have written for this book is a speculative fiction piece, but grounded firmly in reality and set in Melbourne. It is set in a world exactly like our own, however if you are part of the LGBTIQA community, you go through a second puberty which imbues you with a superpower related to whichever letter you identify with. It follows Lex as they navigate the somewhat unexpected changes that fall upon them on a night out with their lover and friends.

On the heavier side, it is about the difficulty of self-identification when it collides with biological and societal demands. But on the light side, there are drag shows and superpowers.

The ebook, ‘Lightning Flash is out now on Amazon from the OutStanding LGBTQI Short Story Competition. Please read and review!