A new short story “The Cult of the Hyalad” by Adrik Kemp

My new short story, The Cult of the Hyalad is coming soon from Transmundane Press in the anthology, IN THE AIR. I have previously published work with Transmundane, in the form of another short story, Mischa and the Mermaid, which you can find out more about here.

The Cult of the Hyalad is a different beast, although shares a coastal theme. To quote myself from this interview with Alisha Costanzo over on her website:

This is a story set in Victorian times, in a remote island on the high seas. Five women – witches – arrive together with the aim of summoning the rarest of elemental spirits, the hyalad. Born of thunderstorms, in chance occurrences of lightning hitting sand forming nymphs of glass, each of the witches will try their hand at creating godlike hyalads to lead them into a new world.

You can also find out the convoluted way I finally settled on the term ‘hyalad’ to describe a glass elemental being in my follow-up piece, An Explanatory Note on Hyalads.

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