Rupaul’s Drag Race Down Under recap – Episode 7 – Talent Extravaganza

I don’t think I’m alone in saying I’m left a bit flummoxed at the end of the penultimate episode of Rupaul’s Drag Race Down Under. All season long we’ve been confused, delighted, devastated, enraged. It’s been a wild ride.

This week, the queens are competing in a talent extravaganza usually reserved for the first episode of an All Stars season (season 6 of Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars is coming 25 June). This is the third time something has happened in Down Under that is from All Stars. Snatch Game was in episode 2. Art Simone was brought back without reason (face it, there is never a reason to bring a queen back). And now a talent show. This might be part of why it’s been so hard for the Down Under queens, because All Stars relies on prior knowledge of the queens and references from past seasons which they don’t have.

But moving on to the talents.

Karen From Finance has been a very comfortable ‘safe’ all season long. Her talking heads have me convinced they told her she was THE frontrunner, as week after week, she singles out her ‘single biggest competition here’, which was generally Art Simone. This week, mystifyingly, it’s Kita Mean. Foreshadowing her eventual win perhaps. Karen creates a single balloon animal while dressed in a tattooed (?) nude illusion bodysuit with a bondage harness over it plus her Karen hair. It’s absurdist comedy?

Art Simone eats some stuff. If you’re not watching Art Therapy on her Instagram, you need to start. She rupologised at the start (Rupaul hates watching people eat), shoved a whole meat pie in her mouth, pretended to eat a stack of lamingtons then swallowed her own fist. It’s absurdist comedy!

Kita Mean did magic. Rupaul groaned, I groaned, the whole world groaned. Rupaul hates magic and so do I! The quick changes were very well done, but I agree with the judges that the looks (all season) were not the best.

The next queen did a pole routine. She may never have done it for a show before but I’d bet she’s been in pole classes for quite some time. We saw Shea Coulee do this same thing on All Stars 5 and she eventually won. Hopefully this isn’t portentous of the end.

And Elektra, bless her naïve dancing heart, did what every little gay boy dreams of, and just danced her socks off (literally) with all the seriousness of Natalie Portman in Black Swan. Again, we’ve seen this sort of vulnerability from Coco Montrese in All Stars 2 and it sent Coco and now Elektra home.

The runway theme was How’s your head… piece? and here all the queens excelled, which made the final decisions basically down to the talent show and their group performance. And of course my favourite question, “Who should go home tonight and why?”

Unfortunately, all the queens said Elektra and Elektra just went bananas and said Art Simone. I thought this smacked of producer intervention for a few reasons. One is that Kita Mean has been buddied up with Elektra all season long, so why now, all of a sudden throw her under the bus? Another is that Elektra was almost certain to say the racist queen. She clearly hates her. So why not? Add to this that Art Simone told The Veronicas she thought the racist queen should win and I’m completely thrown for six (or seven). Art and Etcetera were the most vocally disgusted at the blackface revelations. Why would she change her mind now?

But this cements Elektra’s place in the bottom. On the main stage, it should be noted that all the queens bar Kita Mean changed into wigs. Karen From Finance also dabbed at the end which is another strike from me. Kita Mean ended up in the bottom and sent Elektra home.

So, now we have a top four. Did I think this would be the top going in? Absolutely not. My choices would have been Art Simone, Coco Jumbo, Maxi Shield and Etcetera Etcetera. Which means I must be #TeamArtSimone.

That said, I think it might be Kita Mean who takes this out. Although the show is trying very hard to make us like the racist one.

Who are you rooting for?

Other bits:

  • When Rupaul did the workroom walkthroughs, they cut away to the same unimpressed expression for almost every queen. I wonder if she was questioning the choice of a talent show…
  • Also, Raven and Elektra had actual physical contact. Which means Raven and Rupaul must actually be there and pops the bubble of that particular conspiracy theory.
  • A couple of Australianisms I haven’t heard before on this episode, sabo for sabotage. And androdge for androgenous. Let me get the Macquarie Dictionary on the phone…