Announcing a new flash fiction, ‘Meet Cute’ by Adrik Kemp

It is a difficult thing to write flash fiction, especially when limited to 300 words or less! I’m honoured to once again be included in the Queer Sci Fi 2021 Flash Fiction Contest and Anthology.

The theme provided this year was ‘Ink’, which I took fairly literally in some respects, and very much not in others. My story is about what the title implies, but the location of the frontline of a futuristic war is a little unexpected. This is a queer anthology, so my main characters are women loving women as well. But you’ll have to get the anthology to find out more.

‘Ink’ is out on 10 August 2021, more details over at Queer Sci Fi.

Read about the other anthology entries: ‘Abyssal Dark‘ in the ‘Innovation’ anthology. And ‘Starfall‘ in the ‘Migration’ anthology. Both from Queer Sci Fi.