New Short Story, “To LONELINESS” by Adrik kemp

I’m very pleased to announce that a new short story has been published in The Siren’s Call winter issue. This is a dark fiction and horror publication, and my story is both of those things. “To Loneliness” is the story of a vampire who has been groomed from a very young age by one much […]


Another year spent mainly confined to the house, you would think I might have read more books, but somehow, didn’t make my target again. But once again, it was just a number and I’m happy with what I did read. In no particular order, here are the books I read and enjoyed the most this […]

A new gay coming-of-age short story from Adrik Kemp

As fitting to an anthology that “highlights and explores gay male cultural experiences and is dedicated to and in celebration of gay men and their cultural history”, there is a range of genres on display. My short story, “Lightning Fingers” is a dark, superpowered gay coming-of-age that questions who we will protect and what we […]

The new anthology from Queer Sci Fi is out now

My newest flash fiction (just 300 words) is out in the annual anthology from Queer Sci Fi, this year themed around ‘Ink’. My story, called ‘Meet Cute’, involves a weapons expert meeting a soldier on the field of battle in a far flung future war. Beneath the business of war, there’s a surprising spark between […]


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About Me

Adrik is a bent Australian writer with a vested interest in LGBTIQ+ culture. He is proud to be an active part of the community. He also writes genre short stories, usually with an LGBTIQ+ perspective. He identifies as gay but doesn’t mind being called queer, and happily lives in Sydney with his husband, Carl De Villa.