Short stories by Adrik Kemp with Transmundane Press

Over the years I have had short stories published in a number of genres and with a range of publishers. And three of these have been with Transmundane Press.

The first was Mischa and the Mermaid in the Underwater anthology. I wrote this story as an homage to childhood holidays in various coastal towns, memories of beach combing and rock walking and a fascination with creatures of the deep and pulp horror, even as a child.

The next story was a little later, with The Cult of the Hyalad in the In The Air collection of short stories. I wrote this because I have always loved thunderstorms and lightning and wondered what the elemental spirit of such an event might look like.

And the newest short story published with Transmundane Press is Chasing the 999 in their On Time publication. This is a thought experiment on the logistics of time travel with a few little twists thrown in as well.

Looking forward to seeing what the future will bring.

A new short story, “Mischa and the Mermaid” by Adrik Kemp

Underwater featuring Adrik Kemp

“Mischa and the Mermaid” is a short story close to my heart, about a young boy and his fateful encounter with a group of mermaids off the coast of a small town in Australia. The impact of this unfortunate meeting with be felt for the rest of his life.

You can pick up a copy of this stellar anthology from Transmundane Press on Amazon.

A mini interview with me and an excerpt from the story are also available at one of the editor, Alisha Costanzo’s site, to whet your appetite.